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Chapter Meeting


The next meeting of the Boston Chapter PTG will be:

Tuesday, February 20th

We will meet at the
Slosberg Music Center
Brandeis University;
Waltham, MA.


6:00 PM     Gather, Converse, Eat
7:00 PM     Chapter Business Meeting
7:30 PM     Technical Presentation

Our featured speaker will be David Stanwood

Our Technical Presentation will be:

The Stanwood Chart of Grand Piano Touch Design Elements

David Stanwood will present his newest creation: A table in chart form illuminates, in simple visual terms, the seemingly complex relationships between hammer weight ratio, down-weight, and up-weight. The table shows the full range of dynamic action design types that may be produced with high, medium, or low key weighting scales. He will also talk about his method for designing and making specific dynamic action types by the application of Hammer Weight and Front Weight Key balancing scales that are derived by sampling only a few down-weight and up-weight measurements in the center of the piano. No computer needed.

Thanks and we hope to see you there!

Doug Tybor
President, Boston Chapter PTG







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David Stanwood

February 20, 2018










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